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M.domo Travel is a high-touch and ultra-curated travel experience for discerning travelers. 

Traveling with M.domo

We are a boutique agency that exists to simplify our clients’ lives while enriching their travel. 

We get to know our clients’ preferences as if they are our own and listen closely to your desires and goals for each unique travel experience, whether business or leisure. We handle all of your travel planning, from beginning to end, and we stay with you virtually throughout your entire trip to ensure a seamless journey.


Allow us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

M.domo offers concierge travel services for all types of luxury travel, both business and leisure. We take a holistic approach to your travel needs and design journeys based on your smallest preferences to your grandest aspirations. We aim to make your journey as memorable, and easy, as possible both to new destinations and to the ones you find yourself returning to time after time.

With every trip request, we take our clients on an immersive journey helping them visualize the excitement and magic before them. 

Allow us to help you imagine, and then actualize, a sun-kissed cruise along the Amalfi Coast to swim through the lesser-known Green Grotto in Capri or a camel ride through a tiger reserve in India that ends with a candlelit dinner at an ancient fort. 

M.domo is your travel butler.

In every corner of the globe, we will make sure you are greeted with safety, comfort and luxury.

Maximizing it while traveling is the ultimate luxury.

At M.domo Travel, our clients never leave a trip wishing they had done something else or spent their time differently. We tap into our wealth of knowledge, contacts and experience to customize every trip based on what makes the most sense for each individual client.

Your only source of stress will be thinking about when you can visit again.

Time is your most valuable asset.

Benefits of working with M.domo Travel

Exclusive amenities

Based on our extensive relationships and partnerships with exclusive networks across the globe, we are pleased to be able to provide our clients with:

Not available to the average consumer booking directly.

Stress-free, seamless and magical experiences

Avoid the chaos of travel whenever possible.

Unique experiences with hidden perks and access

Not offered to the general public.

Intel on and access to the latest openings

And most desired properties.

The ability to make last-minute changes

Without the stress of navigating it yourself.

Meaningful conveniences + UPGRADES

Like early check-in, late check-out, room upgrades and more.

peace of mind

You will never need to follow-up with us, knowing that we will communicate clearly and regularly to make sure that you have all of the information you need.

Once you are a M.domo client, no type of journey, trip or excursion is to big or too small. We exist to service your every travel need. 

M.domo plans all kinds of travel. Business trips to Doha. Honeymoons in South Africa with a stop in wine country before safari. Spring break in St. Barths. European adventures to the glitzy Riviera. Visits to the hidden gems of the old world, from pilgrimages to Angkor Wat to hiking treks to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan. Family reunions in the Rocky Mountains.


All of your travel goals are within reach. We would be honored to help you achieve them.

Learn more about how M.domo can help you achieve your travel goals.



Understand your needs and desires.

Allow us to take you through our organized planning process


Present you with multiple options and context for each.


Identify unique adventures, as appropriate, for the destination to enrich the experience


Disclose cost options with clarity and transparency 


Execute a pre-trip planning process that involves you as much (or as little!) as you would like, but is clear and detail-oriented


Support you constantly while you are on your travel journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Why book through a travel agent?

We aim to provide a different experience from that of a traditional travel agent. M.domo uses its extensive network and expertise to provide you with the best possible options and experience for your next trip. We listen to your every need and personal preferences and design an experience based on those. We also can offer our clients exclusive amenities and perks not available to the general consumer.


Do you charge a fee?

Fees are based on the type and complexity of the trip you want to take. We are upfront about costs at the start of the process and our number one priority is sharing the magic of travel with you.

Can I use credit card points or airlines miles with you?

Although we are not able to personally book using clients’ points or miles, we do help identify the best use of your points so that your out-of-pocket spending value is maximized.

Do you book touring a la carte without hotels and flights?

We find that the best way to service our clients is to book everything from start to finish. This allows us to make sure your travel experience is seamless and tailored to your needs as best as possible.


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